Celtics takes Game 1 of the East first round against Pacers

Boston Celtics took a win on a 84-74 victory in Game 1 of their first-round match up against the Indiana Pacers. Kyrie Irving led the Celtics scoring 20 points and seven assists, Marcus Morris Sr. also scored 20 points with seven rebounds coming from the bench.

Celtics turn the ball over many times and struggled offensively in the first half scoring only 38 points. Morris is the only Celtics who scored double figures before half time. Also, their defense loosen without their defensive guard Marcus Smart due to injury

After struggling in the first half, the Celtics found their footing in the second half, thanks for Irving's defense, as they outscored the Pacers 26-8 in the third quarter. They posted 20-point lead, their biggest lead of the game, after Horford drilled a 27-point jumper 5:21 in the third. 

Pacers lead the game with 7 points at the half before they were outscored by the Celtics 46-29. They sunk their first field goal 3:28 left in the third quarter. Pacers can't overcome the slump and continue to miss shots to lose their first game of the series. 

Indiana's leading scorer is Cory Joseph who had merely 14 points from the bench. Only two of them scored double figures along with Bogdan Bogdanovic who added 12 points
Darren Collison and Thaddeus Young have 3 fouls each in the first half and got their 4th foul in the 3rd. Because of the foul trouble, they sat out watching the team lost the lead.

Game 2 well be played again at TD Garden on Wednesday (Thursday, PHL time).